Should I let her go to do her a favor?

I have herpes even I haven't got a out break, I take a pill everyday and am very careful. I have not pass it onto anyone.

I'm dating this new girl we have some fun but not all the way. The next day she asked about my sexual health history. I admit herpes to her. She responded positively but she said lets not rush into sex until we are certain about each other. Then she wants to go to doctors with me to get extra advice.

Since then we still spend time and have some adult fun without going all the way. I'm still getting sex from other girls as none of them question about it.

Should I disappear on this girl? I


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  • She must really like you if she is still around after you told her everything. However I do think @truthatanycost has a good point.

    You really should volunteer this information first. I'm surprise she is not mad about it.

    If you really want to leave her you should do it face to face. Don't just disappear


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  • As long as you are taking your medication and avoiding sexual contact during viral shedding, to my understanding, you aren't doomed. Just be diligent in protecting yourself.

  • Do her a solid and leave her alone.
    As for the other girls I think you should be honest about it. If they have knowledge of you having it, maybe they wouldn't want to be intimate with you, for fear of contracting it. That shit never goes away and you're being unfair by not letting them make a decision for themselves. If you can't be honest about it, keep it in your pants.


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  • ''I'm still getting sex from other girls as none of them question about it. ''

    If you did not have herpes and you were seeing people, would you prefer them to volunteer this information without being asked or keep it to themselves exposing you to the risk?

    Wasn't that how you caught it in the first place?

    • I caught it cos I had unprotected sex. I always use condoms since then.