Shy Guys, is this normal behavior for you?

I approached my college crush who I don't really know or talk to and he seemed really quiet and didn't say much. I don't know if it was because he wasn't interested or he was just shy.

This was our conversation after walking out of the class we have together. Our next classes are right beside each other.
Me: "What's your next class?"
Them: "chem"
M: "Do you mind if I walk w/ you?"
T: "Mm, I don't care."
M: "You look like you're into music, do you play anything?"
T: "*chuckles* everyone always says that because of the long hair"
M: "Well yea, its like a stereotype."
"So you're not into it?"
T: "I mean I would like to I just don't have the time."
M: "You don't have the time. What would you play?"
T: *can barely hear him* "I guess typical guitar *chuckle*""
M: "I have a guitar. I tried it once like 6 years ago. It's actually hella hard."
We're near our classes. I'm waking slightly in front of him now. I look back and nervously laugh
M: "Later" and walk into my classroom without turning around
T: *goes into his classroom*

I really need help with this


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  • Being shy myself. Honestly it's kind of hard to tell. Pay less attention to him talking and attention to his body language. I know that if I like a girl I tend to lockup around them. But if I'm not attracted to her I'll usually be more open to talking but I'll keep the convos short. Every shy guy is different. It might take awhile for the guy to open up to you and even longer for him to pick up your hints that you darn women lay down for us

    • What do you suggest I do? Should I just ask him to go get coffee or something and see if he rejects me or not?

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    • Also if he does reject you. Give him your number. I know sometimes I'll say no to something and wish I hadn't.

    • Been there done that

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  • If this was his first convo with you then it's quite normal, I have had many conversations like that. And I had those conversations not because I was not interested in having a long (obviously more interesting one) but because i was scared scared of messing up. And I still am.

    • Yea it was the first. I've said maybe 2 other random class related things to him before where he didn't say much. It was kind of awkward. But no different than the awkwardness I feel when I meet a guy in person from online. He was just so quiet that it was off putting.

    • What do you suggest I do from this point on?

    • If you are interested in talking to him then talk to him a few more times in a friendly way.