How you feel about if someone who is your ex (or flings) who claimed he/she is the current bf/gf contact you privately?

so today, out of the blue, some girl who from my work ( my job has over 10,000 employees ) actually messaged me privately on ig and wanted to ask me things privately, and she said if i dont believe her if she is real, feel free to check on her and her facebook name is XXXXXXX , she said she would like to ask me something about out mutual friend on FB. I personally heard of her before but have never met this person, but she seems like those typical IG girl like to get followers from strangers and posted many pics to get likes, (dont get me wrong, she is pretty) - so i was actually quite surprsied she messaged me since she is so popular, BUT, I was very concerned cos my ig and facebook aren't linked accounts, and i wonder, she probably stalked me for a while to found out what my IG is.
But before i think through it, since we have like 20 mutual friends from work so i was alittle off guard, after i got her message, i messaged her back and said how may i help you? she was all friendly calling me sweetie and stuffs, but she wanted me to keep it a secret about she messaging me before she tells me, and i was like ok.

too long i will post second part.


she asked me about a guy who i used to dated back then maybe 2 years ago? We haven't spoke to each other for maybe a year already, because we ended up fight over something silly and ended things not very happy then we topped seeing each other, but we did chatted abit afterward so i dont think we have left too much hard feelings it was very short, so we are actually still stayed friends on ig and facebook.
she said she is his girlfriend and she said she suspected that her boyfriend is cheating on her because some girl messaged her that blah blah blah, she said, oh because since im the mutual friend of his, and im working in the same company with her, she would like to ask my opinions on him. FFS he has over 1500 friends on fb why me? I have never took any pic together with him or left any messages on his fb so i suspected that she checked his phone and found our text messages history (if he hasn't del


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  • i would feel like i'd try and offer any advice on the ex i could. just be honest and answer her questions as best as you can while feeling comfortable doing so

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      So I felt very awkward and uncomfortable, since we dated very shortly and it was maybe already 2 years ago, i don't think i should comment anything about that, so i just replied her "sorry i dont know him very well, i dont think i can help you" but then she still insisted on that and saying doesn't matter and how did u met him etc, then she said, i dont mind u dated him before or not, i just want to know if he is cheating on me. i will leave him i think but i need to know what kind of person he is , I was like wtf?
      back then i dont think we actually called each other bf/gf. i've asked a close friend of mine who knows this person who also mutual friend on fb with her, she told me she is alittle weird in person, also surprised she messaged me like that way, my friend thinks she is crazy, and i highly doubt the guy would told her anything about me cos we were only seeing each other very shortly.

      whats your thought about it?

    • yeah sounds like she is sort of trolling or has ulterior motive.

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  • Tell her, what you shared. you guys dated for a short time. You haven't had any contact for a long time. You don't know what's going on with him.
    If she is suspecting that he is cheating on her, she has to make her own decision. You can't help her in that regard. (He never cheated on you - if that's the truth).

    You dint want to get into such drama Unkess you want a girlfriend to hang out and talk about the ex lol

    • i just feel like it is too personal, we dated for a short while, and we were never exclusive, apart of me feel like it was fair cos we wanted different things as he seems didn't want to settle back then, so i have moved on from him. i dont know if he cheated on me, cos we were barely a couple, plus, i would never know.

      i jsut feel awkward cos why i need to tell her, plus normally people, would be, oh sorry for bothering you if i told her i dont know him very well, and what made her think that i know? just weird...

    • Thats all good. Tell her you can't help her. And good luck with her.

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