I don't know what to think about my first kiss?

So I just got my first kiss! It was with a guy I've been texting for a while, but it was the first time I met him, but I'm a little confused right now. So I always thought my first kiss would be amazing with sparks and butterflies just like romantic movies, but that wasn't the case. The thing is, we sat close to each other and he started touching my leg, and I felt the butterflies, and then he kissed me, and it was kind of surprising, so I was clumsy and messed it up a bit and didn't feel any sparks, but I laughted and said it was awkward. Then we continued kissing but I didn't feel any sparks and butterflies during the kisses, it just felt really good and I just kept kissing him because it felt good, almost addicting even though there was no sparks. I was really comfortable with him touching all parts of my body, and I got really turned on. It felt really natural actually, so we ended up naked cuddling, but we didn't have sex. I didn't feel any sparks while cuddling either. We talked a lot, and when I was about to go we stood in the hallway kissing for about 3 minutes, and after I got my jacked I leaned in for a last kiss. I just had to because it felt like I was addicted to kiss his lips, and when he grabbed my ass while kissing before I left I got some sparks.

So my question: is it natural to not have butterflies and sparks while kissing and cuddling? I thought it would be a lot more butterflies. After I came home I couldn't stop smiling and imagine his lips, and I get butterflies and sparks now when I'm thinking about the kisses. But I'm so confused because I didn't feel sparks and butterflies while we kissed, it just felt really good and natural and we just kept kissing. But I've been thinking a lot after the kiss and been kind of dissapointed of the lack of butterflies during the kiss.


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  • You probably didn't get the 'spark' because you were nervous! You clearly get excited about it when you're on your own so maybe you're just nervous when he's around- a goid thing by the way! And the fact you got addicted to it means you clearly liked kissing him! So don't overthink it- it's never like movies but it's still magical :)

    • It was my very first kiss, so I was very nervous. It just felt so good kissing him, I just wanted to kiss more, and I just had to give him a last kiss before I left, so I hope the sparks will come if I meet him again!

    • Yeah I think the movies put this feeling of what you think it's going to be like in your mind. So naturally anything else than quite literally magical will seem a bit naff. Don't worry I had the same feeling about my first kiss but I still thought it was lovely. All the best :)

  • Well considering you don't really know this guy, its probably normal that you didn't really feel any sparks. The "sparks" you felt from him grabbing your ass and stuff was probably more from lust and your sexual attraction. Let me tell you a story, my very first kiss was when i was like 16-17. It was at a club, from a guy I didn't even know, It wasent even a kiss it was a straight up make out session. It felt kind of weird because he did too much tongue and stuff, back to the topic, I felt nothing. No sparks, just sore lips.
    Now, I went on my first date with another guy guy I actually had a connection with and liked, I got one tiny peck on the top of my lips, and BOOM FIREWORKS!
    What im saying is, you really only get genuine sparks and butterflies when you kiss someone you genuinely have a connection with. But your young and have time, so just enjoy and experience life and dont jump into it too fast.

    • I'm 21 actually. But the thing is, we've been texting a lot, and I like him, he was really caring, and took it slow, and when I understood how to kiss him it wasn't weird at all, and it wasn't too much tongue. We had a make out session and my lips weren't sore afterwards. It all felt good. I'm just wondering if I start seeing him, if the sparks will come eventually, because he is pretty much what I look for in a man, but it's maybe to early for getting feelings for him concidering I don't know him that well. Do you think the sparks will come later on? I was surpricingly comfortable with him touching me and it all felt really natural and I felt that I could trust him 100 %. He asked before he did anything, and made sure I was ok the whole time!

    • Im 20. The first kiss is supose to be awkward. Honestly if you spend more time and get to know eachother than yes, the sparks will show up. Just remember to take it slow, and get to know each other on a more personal level.

    • We've been texting a lot before we met, and we also talked a lot when I met him, so I think we know each other on a personal level too. I think there may be something, we haven't planning seeing each other again, but we have texted after the meeting, and I feel really excited when I think about it and talk about it with my friends, and I hope he wants to see me again, and I get a bit nervous thinking about meeting him again, so I do think I can develop feelings and get the butterflies and sparks if I get to know him better!