This is what I wonder?

Why is it that the most beautiful souls and beautiful faces are not chosen for a relationship?
I've seen many down to earth people that have never been in a relationship
I usually observe that some people that are in relationships usually have an aweful personality and sometimes mean to their partner
is it because today's society? It makes people think that people who are mean are better than those who are nice and have a big heart? I don't understand... I don't know if anyone else thinks this

I don't even know if this makes sense ;-;


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  • because girls dont approach the one they want. and expect guys to do everything and approach just because she's beautiful.

    • some girls do approach guys first though and they get no good outcome out of it , like the guy doesn't even make the time to approach the girl for the second time or something :P

    • guys want girls to be legit, as in a possible girlfriend. most of the time girls just want to be friends and nothing else and guys dont want that, we shouldn't have to approach a second time or something. because we guys get the wrong impression.

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  • You have to put yourself out there in order to achieve things. Relationships don't fall from the sky.


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  • I think this is a problem you see exclusively at your age. Later in life everyone usually finds relationships with people they want to be with

  • If it is meant to be, love always finds a way to be together.
    All you need is Love.


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