Question with online dating?

I finally got the guy to want to meet, only he chose a time I have a prior commitment. We are supposed to be working on meeting. Plus he finally gave me his number. However if I text him (once since I didn't hear from him for three days) all I hear is crickets. I don't see why he would finally give me his number after a month and then go away?


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  • You just got Catfished

    • Haha no i did check to verify he is who he says he is.

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  • Men do that. Think about how many people he is messaging on the app giving his # out to... he's like a kid in a candy store; he's going to find it hard to pick one candy.
    Secondly, a month before meeting up? I understand being safe and all but that's a REALLY long time to hold off. I would suggest meeting sooner rather then later. He can't get hooked on you through messaging. I would say cut him lose and try again.

    • Oh i tried, but he seemed to want to take it slow. Heck I gave him my number two weeks ago. Then he asks me out, and I tri3d to come up with a time that worked, but it wasn't meant to be. So he sent me a text asking me if my day was going well. I've tried to send him a couple since and I'm getting hardly any responses. So confused.

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    • I am NOT trying to make you feel bad at all! You seem very sweet and nice and easy to get a long with :)
      So you said that you couldn't make dinner time work because of an prev. engament. You suggested two other times around that and neither of them worked? don't you find it odd he didn't suggest a different day?

    • Oh well we live a few hours apart. He was traveling in the area and wanted to make time for dinner. He knew it would be late afternoon when he came through and I wasn't available from 4-9. He told me he could try to wait till 9, but I didn't want him to driving home so late. He told me he is going to see when he can get up here again.

  • It's... Online dating.
    You never Know about Joe behind this Computer Curtain Here, dear.
    Move on. He may be a Catfish and believe me, if this is So, Joe did you a Huge Favor.
    Good luck. xx

    • *He may too have changed his mind and this is why the Line.. Went Crick Crick. xx

    • Oh no, he actually gave me enough info that I was able to find that he is who he says he is (didn't want to meet a psycho you know). I guess after trying to get him to take it offline and it taking a freaking month and then for him to disappear is just odd.

    • Like I say, he probably changed his mind and Reeled in another.
      You seem like a great gal, so move on from him. He is probably on TINDER. You deserve better. xxoo

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