How does falling in love feel like?

I haven't been in relationships although I've had some "unofficials" , I'm 17 and I was just wondering !


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  • Young love feels different than adult love. As a teen it can feel like a wave crashing over you. You have no choice but to ride it out. It can feel like you short circuited and can't think straight. Being apart (even just for a day) can feel like you chest is being ripped out of your body. When you are together it can feel like you are deliriously happy and almost floating out of your body. You can give yourself a panic attack when he doesn't call you back. You worry if you are good enough and how to make him stay. You might even make stupid choices in attempt to stay together.

    As time goes on love doesn't feel so dramatic, but the connection is built of stronger foundations. I don't stress if we don't talk for a day or two. If I'm worried or insecure I just discuss it with him. He doesn't completely me, but he does make me want to be a better person. I can sigh and snuggle into his chest and know consistency, safety, and respect. Thinking of him feels like a warm hug even when he is away for work.

    Love is different for everyone. I don't regret loving anyone. With each relationship I have learned more about myself and my needs. Each experience helps guide me to a better match.

    Don't let anyone change who your are and don't go in expecting to change them. Believe me it's just a lot of heat ache that way.

    • So you can fall in love more than once?

      I blindly fell in love with one girl... and was left heartbroken.

      And since then, I don't feel like I will fall in love again.

    • @Lostsoulman you can definitely love more than one person. I have loved a few over the years. A first love can be harder to get over though. Learning to love and trust yourself can help in the process. In my breakups I know that neither person is broken, bad , or wrong. We were a good fit for a while, but are not any longer. We both will continue on in search of someone we fit better with.
      Take the time to really understand why you are hurting and work in the things that prevent you from opening back up.
      My mother says that there are 10,000 people in your region that your are conpatable with. You need to meet one of these people in the right time or your life, and in theirs, to get together. Spending time and growing with this person is what makes them "the one". You just keep looking and trying if things don't work out (death/divorce). You can meet and even love someone who you are not conpatable with (or when the timing is just wrong). It's not something wrong with either party.

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  • It feels a little out of control like you no longer own you heart. Which you don't


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  • Love is indescribable.

    I know I'm in love with a guy when I want to spend the rest of my life with him. It's rare for me to feel that way though , coz I don't fall in love so easily