Girl I am meeting up with says she hates sex?

I don't know what to do. I hit it off with a girl I met online and we are supposed to meet Sunday. She gave me her number today and we texted a bit. She told me she loves men but hates having sex. She also said how all men are assholes who just use her for sex.

I know there's chicks who don't like sex but all this seems a little too soon to be honest. I mean I don't even know her and she's already admitting her sexual situation to me. Also when I hear "all men are assholes" the first thing that comes to mind is how she's the common denominator.
She also said she wants a relationship.

Should I be concerned? Is this a red flag?


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  • that depends on you. I think honesty is a great thing. Would you rather be serious and then find out? At least now if you decide to continue you have an idea of what your in for and you won't be blindsided. I'd probably meet up with her, meet her in person but I'd be prepared to never them again, if it was me (a girl) I'd bring a friend to hang around near by in case I needed the help or to bail...

    • I agree that honesty is a great thing but it's just seems like she is too forward to be honest. I just feel like if she's had sex as much as it seems she has, and yet she says she doesn't enjoy sex, that something is sorta wrong. Like she's just looking for attention or something

    • No, sounds like she is trying to have a relationship without it for awhile... she doesn't want her next relationship to just be about the guy trying to have sex with her. As a girl soemtimes you feel like you have to do it before your ready and I think she may just be trying to remove that from the equation. But I haven't talked to her... you know more then I do... jsut my opinion. Goodluck!

    • Ok. The thing is that I'm actually bisexual and revealed to her that I am not really that interested in having sex anyways, AFTER she said she didn't like sex. She said she likes that and I suggested a meet up. She agreed and we set a time. So you could be right

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  • Go out on the date with her. Prove her wrong that not all men are assholes. Don't focus on the sex issue and just go have a fun time. If she brings it up, distract her with a different topic. She might just be saying she doesn't like it to see how genuine you are.

    • Ok yea I still want to meet up but I just thought it was a huge red flag

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  • Are you sure she's a girl? 😐😯!

    • Haha yea she is. I mean I believe her but I just think there is something wrong when she talks about this so early

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    • Lol there's no where else to look around here. If you approach girls around here they scream at you lol. I've done a lot of online dating and never had a problem as of yet so hopefully haha

    • Ah.. ok.. 👀

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  • Red flag. Run away like your head was on fire.

    • Could you explain a bit more? I'm really curious

    • She hates men
      She hates sex
      You're a guy (man).
      QED she hates you.

  • she must have had a horrible sex experience then

  • run far far awau

  • Is she a Christian?

    • Nope but she is Japanese

    • And she's definitely had sex. I met her on Tinder of all places