I'm not good enough for her? What to do?

What do I do?

I fell in love with this girl... She is amazing.

-She is smart, well educated... She has a degree in Science and is pretty good at what she does. She works hard, has a good job.

-She is super talented, she can play the piano so well! Read Music, play any song... She is a pro!

-She is so sweet and nice! Always there for friends and family, will always try hard to make people happy.

-She is funny and a good blend of staying at home and going out

-She is so attractive and beautiful... Exactly my type!

We talked a lot!

I fell in love with her and I asked her out but she rejected me :(

I guess I was stupid to think that such an amazing girl would ever go out with me...

I just feel like I won't ever get a girl as good as her in my life, If I even can get a girl at this point.


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  • Her rejection was not a comment on your worth as a human, but more that she doesn't see you two as compatible. I can really appreciate and like a person and yet know we wouldn't be a good couple.
    Personally I prefer to date someone who has similar life experences as me (family life, educations, aspersions). When I reject someone it's not a comment on their worth.

    Keep looking, I'm sure you will find someone just as awesome and a better fit with you.

    • Normally I never care, or take rejections personally...

      But this girl was my first love, no girl has made me feel that way before.

      It's hard for me to not take it personally. If I just was better looking, or in better shape, or had more money, or was more witty... I could have had her in my arms... I would have done anything for her, changed anything but she doesn't want to date me :(

      I don't even know why she really rejected me...

      I love her, and I'll never be perfect for her...

    • It's really nerdy but I like to think of us as gears. Each one perfectly made for just the right position. I can meet someone and fit for pat of a rotation, but then find us jammed. It's not him or I, we just need something a little different. One day I will fine just the right spot where the toothing and diameter feel just right.

      If you try to change for a partner you will find yourself resenting them and then feeling more insecure about how you currently are. What if you take the effort to change and things still don't work out. Imagine how angry you would feel. You would alway remind her of all your extra effort when you felt she wasn't trying as hard.

      Learn the things that worked perfect with her and the things that could have been better. Pay attention to your own feelings, boundries and baggage. This will help you better identify with someone even better. First loves take time to move on from so be gentle with yourself, but keep looking foreword.

    • Thanks, you have given me a lot to think about. Trying to imagine why it wouldn't work out and stuff. Match wise yeah, maybe we will both find someone better for each other. The fact that I don't know why it wouldn't workout might be a reason too.

      Right now, maybe I'm down, I just feel so stupid and rejected, and there's a battle in my head but I still am taking it personally. She is this perfect women, and I'm like nothing to her, Maybe just a pathetic loser, thats what she thinks of me, if she ever thinks of me. It just kills me, I really like/love her and I'm nothing in her eyes :(

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  • Have a good cry and then move on, it's gonna be okay son.


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  • I will make her question life
    lol if me and her talk
    i study too much

    • I could make her feel bad, and be extremely rude... but I'm not like that...

    • no I'll make her question everything she believes

  • Well maybe you shouldn't give up yet, i mean give it your all be persistent but not an annoyance.

  • Look for another girl. Otherwise you would have to find a way to make her jealous somehow and show interest in you. If she isn't interested in you, then it just won't happen.