What's the lamest thing you have ever been unfriended for?

There was this girl I was interested in who asked for my number and suggested we hangout/go on a date after we had a hour or so conversation at coffee shop (also I know her brother)... I talked to her through text for a day or two and asked if she would like to go on hike - she said she was busy and to ask again in a week or two. So asked again 2 weeks later and she said she was busy with school and to ask in July (When I saw that I was like WTF she just doesn't want to see me even though we had chemistry). lol So I asked in July and she had another excuse so I backed off completely because she was just so unresponsive when trying to chat.

I run across her at events every month and felt like trying for a 4th time in September (I'm frustrated with my current dating situation) - she let me know she didn't have an interest in going on date with me (fair enough). I saw her again in mid September at a concert we talked for a bit.

Anyway yesterday I tried to have conversation with her as friend and I asked "how have you been?" she read it and never responded so a 5 hours later I was checking messages and felt like saying this "you don't like boring/basic questions you like weird and bizarre... or am I wrong?" because I was annoyed at how she has always been so nonchalant/apathetic about talking to me when she had shown a lot interest & enthusiasm in the past. BUT I guess that was enough to convince her to erase me from Instagram and unfriend me from Facebook.

- I just thought that was pretty lame thing to erase someone over... also suck that she's painfully attractive (I would have never asked her more than twice if it wasn't for that and I liked her personality)

  • that's pretty lame
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  • she lost interest oh well
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  • lol send her the song "love yourself" by JB for poops and giggles.
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  • haha it's going to be awkward when you run into her at an event - good luck with that.
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  • My beat buds wife was major cunt.

    • He should divorce that slab 👏🏼

    • She will divorce him in a few years and get him for lifetime alimony.

    • Be a true friend and help murder the bitch and dispose of the body... that's what a real bro would do.

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  • Not believing that there is a god.

    • Gay... praise satan, say it with me "praise satan".

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    • And what's wrong with being gay? I'm confused, you a believer , or non believer?

    • Don't have a problem with homosexuality, I was trolling - I also am a agnostic and sometimes atheist when religious nuts piss me off (but in general I just don't care about that stuff).