Girl relationship dilemma?

I met this girl on the weekend and she said that she was going to be breaking up with her boyfriend this week so we hung out for about 4 hours and then kissed and now she says she isn't sure if she's breaking up, what should I reply to her-if anything

usually girls being taken doesn't affect me, (I tend to like older women as I am more mature than my age) but I guess she is something specialGirl relationship dilemma??


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  • She sounds kind of like a flight risk... coming from a flight risk, lolololol...

    Just wait it out... if she is really that dissatisfied, she will break up with him, probably need some healing time, and then if she's really into you, she's all yours.

    The situation is really already set up: she has her cards, and she needs to decide if she wants to play or fold them. But nothing is going to change what's in her hand...


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  • don't reply anything if she wants to see you or talk to you I believe that she would text you if not its her loss I don't think you should get between a relationship it won't be comfortable not on your end and not on hers... till she breaks up with her boyfriend being friends is not really an option in my opinion cause obviously you dont see her as a friend


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