This Guy Asked Me Out & Disappeared?

I've had a crush on my best mate's buddy... I haven't seen him for a few months and yesterday he came to visit me at work (with my mate). We were alone, and he made comments about what a nice name I have, and what my favorite store was etc... then he asked me what my plans were for Sat Oct 29, I said "no plans". So he said I'm having a party, come! So I said ok... he asked for my fb, then added me. 2 days, he hasn't reached out... did I misread that he likes me?


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  • Maybe he's changed his mind

    • I just noticed that he not only deleted me but also blocked me on fb? HUH?

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    • It happens. Maybe he met someone else.

    • Life goes on. Just odd behavior

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  • Why didn't you reached him out instead? He already told you about the party. He was probably expecting you to ask him more information about it.


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