In your honest opinion , is there a growing trend of gender separation? Are the genders turning their backs on each other more?

There is no doubt that women & men are VERY differently wired , often with conflicting needs / wants & very different communication styles & ways of thinking. I have noticed that every solo woman I know has stated they never want anything to do with men romantically. Ladies , do you think this is " front " & BS , or true? I often wonder if we are truly compatible !

  • Yes , noticed the genders are opting out of relationships with the other / I have too
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  • No , not observed this... I like / love the opposite gender in general
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  • Not really sure
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Thanks for the responses so far , what a gender split !! This is contrary to what many men actually believe nowadays , which is women don't need or want men anymore.


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  • I am traditional, still believe in love, family and having a man and woman to balance out life.
    Even after my ex ended the marriage and broke up the family. Took me to court refused to pay for child support even though he makes more than 1/2 of me, and took everything.
    I still have faith. Just sad for my children that they will not be growing up under that environment. He and I get along very well and agree on how to raise children. (I chose to be happy than hold grudges)
    At the moment, I am learning to be a single mom. I am hapoy with my career. Financialky secure and this is without any money from him.
    If I date, men may see me as looking for someone to support me and my children. That's not the case. I can say I don't need a man and I make more than most men who are avalible in the area.
    But I want that man to love me and csre for me.
    It's sad how things turn out with so many unhappy people.

    • Thank you for MHO.
      To answer, I agree that male and females are very diff in many ways.
      I disagree that women don't want romance. they may have been hurt or not attracted.
      Humans want love, want romance. Those who want to be single or justify that single is good it's because they haven't met the right partner. With the right partner, both welling, you create love and care.

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  • There seems to be a serious difference judging by the poll results


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  • Girls who voted the second options are either lying or in denial

    • So , in your opinion , women would rather be man free? Are men not worth the bother , or other reasons?

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    • I'm not really that kind of person that can be alone. I'm much happier in a relationship than out and I'm more successful. I know that there are women and men who are much more successful being by themselves but I am the opposite. I'm not in love with the idea of love. But I dream about being in a good relationship with a family.

  • All this gender stuff is bullshit. You won't catch me getting involved

  • I do have girlfriends who have opted out of anything serious. They are all wildly successful and don't want kids so they really don't see the point...

    On here it seems to be a guy thing but I don't know any guys who have opted out in real life.

    • marriage is getting outdated... if you are madly in love or super traditional there is no point. There are DNA tests, sperm banks, woman work (and our climbing the latter), living together is far less taboo, sex has become more casual...

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    • @IvoirianGirl20 I know just clarifying why I said here in America... I didn't know where you were from and there are people from all over the world here so I don't like to just assume.
      Have a good one!

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  • Yes.

  • Yes and yes.