Girls, If you dated a guy that had some kind of problem with himself, would you be afraid or self-conscious about showing him off?

Some of you ladies really care about your social image and the way its projected upon others in the world. You must dress super sexy and turn heads, you feel the need to have a million guys drooling over you, and some of you bite you tongues to hide your true feelings and even never leave your homes without makeup.😌
And sometimes I completely u detest and why! It's cuz first impression usually always sticks.

Example: (You don't go to a job interview looking bummy & beat up.)

but what if you met a guy that was... abonormal, let's say something was different about him. What if he had 1 arm or 1 leg? What if he wasn't a super pretty boy with muscles or he was a fat guy? Let's say he has a lot of scars on his face and/or his body? What if he was shy and quiet and stayed to himself a lot but he's super sweet and nice and his image doesn't match his personality, Would that make you have second thoughts of introducing him to your friends and family?

I know my friends always talk shit or frown when I point out a girl that doesn't have a pretty face and sexy body, they always say "you can do better bro" but I'll be the one kissing and touching and sleeping with her so why should their opinion matter? I always say it doesn't matter what others think of choices but I'm always self-conscience about showing them what brings happiness and joy to my life so after saying all that, please take a vote. Put yourself in my shoes & tell me how you feel or react to a ssituation like this

  • It wouldn't bother me, I'd still show him off to the world
    71% (5)
  • I might show him to certain people only
    14% (1)
  • I probably wouldn't date him, my man must look sexy
    15% (1)
  • I'd keep him to myself like a secret, too many people will judge me
    0% (0)
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