Going to hangout with girlfriend but she didn't tell me she had plans with another guy?

Tonight is a football game at our school tonight. me and my girlfriend had plans to hangout today, after school we went out for a bit but she had to do some things at home and I had to go home, we're going to the game together but even before that we were gonna hangout all night before it but she had to do chores at home so I was gonna go over when I can. We were textin about how we were gonna get there when she said she was going early to goto a haunted house with another dude, she never told me about it at all and I asked her about it and she's just saying "I should've told you, I'm sorry" and yeah. Opinions on it?


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  • I don't understand the reason why she didn't invite you to go with them. It seems a little sketchy. But that's just me. I am a little paranoid by nature, so I might be totally wrong.

    • I do that too, always thinking the worst of situations. had to force myself not to blown up and over react but it's all good, she had me go with her and her friend was a gay dude n all. was a fun night

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  • dont over react or over think t. girls are not as devious as your friends my tell you. im sure it things are fine and there is nothing too worry about.

    • Oh no I didn't over react about the other guy, I trust her enough. It's just like a dafuq I thought we was chillin today sorta thing

    • and I wanted to know people's in looks on it

    • oh well i would just over look it and have let the rest of the night be a good time.

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