Is $57,000 a bad salary at 24 years old?

Recently turned 24 and I won't be bumping a pay grade until I finally get my BS. I'll be making close to 80k after that. I ended up switching careers. Just feel unsuccessful.

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  • In my late thirties I was grossing about $33K per year as an electronic technician with a two-year associate degree so $47K seems well off and $80K is rolling in money to me. But as has been mentioned, it depends on where you live and whether you have dependents.


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  • Depends where you live.

    • Live in a very small town lol. I live comfortably. Compared to the big city where I did grow up this salary is very small.

  • Higher than what I make. I'm at $26,000 right now, so that's why I'm getting my master's degree.

    • That's rough. Does it ever bother you?

    • Yes, it does. That's why I'm getting my master's degree, plus looking for leads and going to cyber security conventions.

      Though it may also have something to do with my social skills. The highest paying jobs tend to require soft skills and I am not really a people person.

  • haha.. ok.


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