Males, how many of you have given up trying to find a gf/significant other? Whether it be from too many rejections or nervous to social nervousness?

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  • I've simply accepted that in a world of falsely crying rape, 3rd wave feminism, a rising amount of women getting rather brutal with their rejections, the "Any man who doesn't meet all of my standard isn't worth my time, but don't you dare judge me" mentality, and "I'm the prize" no matter how little they bring to the table, dating is a woman's game now.

    So rather than parading around like a rooster trying to be deemed worthy of the hen, I'm just bowing out for the time being.

    I'd rather be single and somewhat happy than in a relationship just to avoid the loneliness.


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  • I want a relationship, but not right now.

  • what i have learned is finding sex is easy
    finding a girl that actually likes you is hard

    • Not for everyone, you gotta look decent, be presentable, have good logistics, be confident, happy and funny.

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    • Where do you talk to them when you do?

    • @Lostsoulman

      either an event i find
      or i walk around
      but right now i have more important things I wanna get done so women can wait
      I'll talk to them online but i'm not actually looking for something
      a few flirty things over here and there but that's it

      just think of women with the mindset of a man
      they want dick just as much as we want pussy
      no difference

  • I don't. I had many rejections. I just keep trying.

    " Never Never Never Give Up"

    - Winston Churchill

  • I am bored so I can't stop otherwise I will commit suicide

  • I've given up too... I've asked girls out, tried all the tips to be confident, focused on hobbies etc. Just wind up getting friendzoned or rejected and get little female attention.

    Just deep down I'm insecure, I'm not the most confident guy and I'm also an Introvert. I'm also nice, and like being myself...

    Not too many people understand me.

    I'm also losing faith, so many divorces, cheating and other stupid stuff...

    I want someone I can trust fully.

    At this point, I just feel like there is something wrong with me.

    I've given up, if an opportunity does come up I will date of course, but nobody wants me. Just an average looking introvert.

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