Am I reading too much into his texting style?

Hi guys,

I met a really nice guy on a dating site and we went out on a date a week later. We have met a couple of times after that as well. Things are really nice when we are together. There is a good level of communication and intimacy. I can tell he likes me when we are together, because he makes a conscious effort to maintain physical contact by grabbing my hand or my waist.

His texting style has changed recently though. He used to text me constantly throughout the day and the conversations were long and flowing, but now I can see that he ignores my text messages at some points. He would be online but he won't reply or if he does reply the conversations would be cut short. Am I reading too much into this? How do I respond? I don't want to come across as needy but I just want to know why his texting style has changed.


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  • I don't think you're reading to much into it. Your gut is warning you for something. Maybe he's talking to other women as well? Maybe he has other options now?

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