I think she is playing hard to get?

We always look at each other. I tell her hi all the time but she would sometimes act like she didn't see me and sometimes
she would just stare at me with a blank face.

we don't have clsss together but I see her in my cafeteria. I thought she was shy so I talked to her on Facebook messenger back and forth. I asked for her number and she never replied.

a week later I see her and say hi and then she sits across of me with a mutual friend during cafeteria. We talked and laughed. Next day she walks pass me if I don't exist.

the next time at cafeteria I see her walk by me and ask her to come sit by me. She said no you can sit by me and sits exactly in front of me with her back facing me.


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  • Forget about it and move on because based on her behavior it seems like she's not interested so your wasting time.


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  • No, she is freaking weird. Pass her.