How much are you "yourself" when you date?

Have you ever had a bad experience where someone you dated changed a lot later? I am talking about people doing and saying things because they thought that would make you fall for them.

I realize people are on their best behavior initially, but what about people acting like they like things they really don't, or showing one type of personality initially and later coming across very different?

Just looking for experiences people have been through. I just had this happen to me and it was pretty disappointing to figure it out.

For me it was someone who came across as very dynamic and in-charge and then turned out to be completely interested in me as being the one in charge. It was like he had learned skills to appear very confident but it was not really who he was.
I think it is a shame for guys to learn skills to meet girls if those skills cause them to act in a way that is not them.


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  • when I first meet people I tend to be quiet at first. reason is that my personality tends to be quite strong and unrelenting in certain things and I'm aware that its intimidating to some people. so I will remain quiet and gauge a situation before exposing who I am if you know what I mean. usually though, when I do, people respond positively..or at least they seem to! I tend to be quite dominant and I know that that doesn't get received so well in an initial enounter. so I hold it back. usually it works out ok for me though


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  • I'm always myself so long as I feel someone is being genuine with me. I have a talent for knowing when someone is fake or lying. If they are too fake I won't take them serious and won't waste my time with them. If they play games, some times I screw with the games just to confuse them and manipulate them back. I don't make stuff up and act like a different person, but I'm complex and depending on how well I'm treated determines how well they will be treated and how serious I will be about them.

  • I would becareful of someone that impress me so fast. It is especially when dealing with money or dating/sex.

    It may not be normal.

    I let my date see me the way I am if I want a relationship with the person. I do not want to get into a rocky relationship. The other person may want a sensitive and mild manner person.


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