Whats her deal?

I can't understand this girl she is always on and off with me one day we're hanging out she's texting me everythings fine then she acts like we're not even friends why would someone hang out with a person if they dont want to just say no she knows i like her someone told her she never brought it up i know i'm probably just a friend but she doesn't treat anyone else like this only me sometimes she ignores my texts even if they are just to confirm plans then when i text her the next day she comes off as very rude should i just stop contacting her for a while


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  • I think you either need to confront her, so you can give her the chance to fix the problem, or just stop contacting her.

    If anytime in any relationship you notice you're not getting much of an effort back, then quit your efforts and stop letting your time be wasted and stop being taken for granted.

    My only guess is that maybe she's treating you as plan b just in case she has no one else available to hang out with. Another guess is that since she knows you like her, she might be uncomfortable with that and doesn't want to hang out or text way too much to have you think there's a chance you and she will get together. So, maybe that's what she's doing. Another guess is that she has no idea there's even a problem or notice what she's doing to you. Some people are actually that dense.

    But move away from awhile. See how she acts. Sometimes people will be missed and become more interesting when suddenly, they are gone, and the person starts wondering.


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  • Women have backup men. When they are still juggling which guy they want, they act hot and cold among the guys they are still deciding on being. She is obviously seeing other people besides you and when she think she likes the other guy more , you are dead to her.

    Evidence of this is:

    1. Ignoring your text.

    2. Confirm plans but gets mad when you text her back to confirm plans.

    These 2 are women behavior of control. They want to control when you should talk to them and the occasion. A question was just ask why women want to control dating/sex.


    Women today treat men as toys to play with than actual human beings.