What does it mean if a guy randomly quits texting me?

So about 2 weeks ago this guy who lives around my neighborhood randomly texts me. He said that I seem like a cool person. Plus sometimes he calls me boo. But over text he can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 5 hours to reply to my text. And he sends really short msgs and when I told him I didn't want to waste his time if he's not even into me and that I'll leave him alone, he just said he's just busy so it takes him a while to reply...but he graduated from high school last year, he doesn't have a job at the moment and he's not going to college til a few more months so I'm not sure what exactly could he possibly be busy with. He'll seem really into a conversation (he just started talking more after I confronted him with the super short msgs) but then all of a sudden he just stops a convo and not text back. But sometimes when I'd just say ''yeah...'' or''that's cool", he'll come up with another topic. and I'm not sure about what that exactly means. like is he just not that into me? does he not care enough to text back? is he losing interest? is he just a player? is he playing hard to get? should I text him first? Should I wait to text him first? Am I reading too much into this? please help, I'm completely confused on how the male brain works.


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  • You have to make sure you don't give the guy lame replies to his texts. For example you replying with 'yehh' doesn't give the guy much to work with. He can't continue anything if you give answers like that which really just stops the convo. Sometimes a guy carries his phone on silent or vibrate therefore he doesn't feel the alert. Guys don't hold their phone in their hand they text, they put it back in their pocket. Simple as that. He doesn't sound like he's playing hard to get, because 5 mins to 5 hrs really doesn't seem like that especially if he's coming up with topics as well. Don't freak out if he's not texting back right away because if you want to talk to him call him don't text. If it bugs you that he stalls just tell him to call if he wants to talk therefore he doesn't get a chance to stall.

    • Ahah thnx I think u're goodluck because he just txted me while I was reading ur answer XD

    • LOL that's so awesome! :D congrats!