Is there still hope? Or let go?

We went on 3rd date and I said thanks and he responded "he had a fun time too" So I initiated a 4th date w a guy but he responded "unfortunately I already have plans" I was expecting him to say a different day that he was available but didn't

Should i feel discourage? Or I still have a chance?

do I wait for him to text or can I?

i liked him. :(


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  • Do not text him! Wait for him to initiate. Personally I think it's best to let the men do the setting up until the 5th date. The fact he didn't set anything up could mean he's not interested... it could also mean this conversation happened at a time he could not take the time to set up plans. You've made your intentions known; now it's a waiting game. If you text again you risk giving off stage 4 clinger vibes.