Should I call him out for ghosting?

He seemed to be perusing me for a month by texting everyday making plans and say sweet nothings for a month.

He still texts but very less frequently and acts like nothing happened.

Am I wrong to feel frustrated?

I feel like I should call him out for such behaviour


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  • That would be very childish of you.

    • how would that be childish of me

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    • For an adult your quite judgmental when it comes to age- thats not even my real age. Dont read everything on the internet to be true , only a kids do that :)

    • I don't read everything on the internet as true, I assume that you wouldn't lie about your age because it would be childish to lie about your age on the internet where nobody cares.

What Girls Said 1

  • It's not wrong. If I were in your position I'd assume he is talking to someone else as well.

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