The date went great, and he even sent me a good morning text the next day, but now he seems less responsive. Is this normal?


So, I went out on a date with a guy a couple days ago, and I feel that things went well. Leading up to the date, he said I'd know right away if he was at interested in pursuing me further.

On our date, we first grabbed coffee, and then he suggested getting food after some time went by. By this point I could tell the attraction on both sides was there. He would do cute things like make fun of my height or brush up against me, etc. So, we grabbed a meal and talked for a long time. It was super cute that he even went out of his way to look up some questions to better get to know me. We went back to his place afterward and cuddled and whatnot. Fooled around a little bit, but not much. I went home afterward, and then the next day he sent me a good morning text first. We had had possible plans in the works, but then something came up on his end.

Yesterday, he sent me a good morning text first, and then we briefly talked throughout the day. When I was about to go to sleep I told him that I liked him and that I wanted to see where things go from here, and that I look forward to many more dates. He said he liked me, too with a little :3.

Leading up to the date, we were nonstop chatty Kathys, and then following the date things feel different, like I did something wrong. At this point, I'm just thinking I'm being stupid, and that it's all in my head because I'm piecing together things from the other night, and I don't think anything done or said would make him be less responsive. I'm just hoping he's been busy...

- Do guys ever act this way with girls they like after they go on a date?
- Doesn't he clearly sound like he likes me?
- Should we have not fooled around on the first date?

A little update. So, while he's still been less responsive than he was before, he still made it clear that he wants to see me again on a weekend when we are both free, so that's a plus. We live a couple hours away from each other, so spending time with each other will be weekend-long excursions.

He told me prior to the date that I'll know almost immediately if he even wants to have a second date with me. He says while he dates he sets a high standard for the ones he chooses to be his girlfriend.


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  • My first date with my girlfriend was amazing. Too amazing because I realized she was the one for me and honestly I didn't want that - I wanted HER but I didn't want a relrhonship or love or all that. I wanted the fun hedonistic stuff not the serious stuff.
    So I didn't call her or text her or talk to her for a week because she scared me. I came to my senses eventually but I did it because I was scared.
    Not saying that's what is happening here but it's an option

    • Thanks for your input! I know it's only been a couple days, and people are busy from time to time, but it's still just driving me crazy. Before the date, we were asking lots of questions about each other, and he even stated that I sounded like "wifey material" which no man has ever said before. I was upfront about how I looked prior to the date (my flaws, past relationships, blah blah). We were both very upfront, and he still felt like I was a keeper or that I was too good to be true. We had the same great conversation on our date.

      The next day following the date, he texted me first (which is a great sign of his interest, because why the hell would he send anything if he wasn't interested). And then late in the night I told him I liked him and he said he liked me back (sounds good, IMO).

      It just sucks. I do know when he's angry he likes to take a day or two to himself, but not sure if it's the same for when he's trying to think things through. Hopefully he comes to his senses.

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    • I think you're right :D While we didn't talk much yesterday, and there were hours and hours in between his response texts, I think he still wants to pursue something with me. He said he wanted to see me one weekend when we are both free :D I'd most likely stay a couple nights. Based on my updated question above, it may just take some time before he considers me relationship material :)

    • Just give him time. Women usually come to the realization quicker than men only because we don't want to face it, but once we do we are all in. In the meantime be yourself and show him the real you and he'll love every minute of it 👍

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  • Maybe the date went great, but there might be a possibility that the guy was not looking for a relationship.

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