Should I text him or has he lost interest?

I went on two dates with a guy I met online. I thought they both went well. After the first date he immediently made plans for the next weekend and we went out last Saturday. The second date was fun and we made out for a little bit at the end of the date. He texted me later that night asking if I got home okay and if I had fun. Well he hasn't texted me since then, but I haven't texted either. Should I initiated conversation or is it obvious he is not interested?


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    He's probably sitting at home thinking exactly the same thing. You put 3x the words into making this question compared to just texting him lmao.

    • lol really? I thought if a guy was interested then he would contact the girl. I was always taught never to initiate conversation.

    • It works both ways, there comes a point when I let the girl initiate because if it's all one-way traffic from my end I'm going to get bored of her real fast.

      Put it this way, since you're asking, it means you want either to move forward or closure. Isn't that better than being in limbo?

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  • There is no harm in initiating. I mean its best to find out so you can get closure if it isn't going anywhere. Text him... see where it leads