Do you think these are good signs he's intrested?

- He acts tough around me "you should have seen me! I kicked his ass!"

- He smiles at me from across the room

- We make eye contact almost 4-5 times a day

- He asked me what type of music I like (no one ever asked me that before :D)

- he offered to buy me lunch twice

- he always tells me to sit at his table at lunch (i told him I like to sit alone so I can eat my food at peace)

- Once I told him I smelled something good and he tells me "it's probably my cologne". I told him it's a food smell LOL. Then I told him "I do smell your cologne sometimes, it's always yours or John's cologne but it's strong! And then he started to make fun of John's cologne and the things that john wears. It was funny but mean at the same time.

John and him are friends but he's so mean. Like everytime we talk and I bring up John's name he goes "Fuck John! Who the fuck is he?"
Lets stop here. Sooo do you think he is intrested?

  • He's intrested
  • He's not intrested
  • Not enough info
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  • I agree with the anonymous guy, he sounds like a douche.

  • He sounds like an asshole.


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