Nothing Can Make Me Happy?

I was thinking about what would make me happy, and only one thing comes to mind.

Literally the only thing that would make me happy, is if this girl I loved (who rejected me) tells me it was a misunderstanding and she's in love with me too and doesn't really have a boyfriend.

Don't get me wrong, I'm over her but thats the only thing that would make me feel happy.

I don't care about money, lottery, dream jobs, dream vacations, going to school...

Nothing really excites me, There's nothing that I really want. I just don't know why I feel like this or what I should do.


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  • Clearly your not over her to feel she's the only thing that makes you happy

    • Maybe not, I think about her often too... I really loved her, and just don't know what happened... She was leading me on? Rejected me? Then I saw her with her boyfriend...

      But nothing makes me feel happy right now, it be really cool if she did come back, it was a misunderstanding and she only did the boyfriend thing to make me jealous :) but the probability is very very low lol.

      Other than that, I'm not sure what can make me happy... Not Money, Not Fame, Not a Good Career... Perhaps time travel?

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    • You can't be undateable. Everyone's beautiful to someone

    • I feel like it, I have never had a girlfriend in my life and I'm 23. I'm on dating sites, I improved my appearance, I act confident, I try to be funny... but seriously, girls don't want to talk to me, I get rejected, when I do get a date the girl always ends up flaking out... I am shy, I don't know... Literally no girl in this world wants to date me.

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  • Have you tried narcotics? They are really great.

    • Thinking about it, I don't want people to know and don't know who to see to get them

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  • try csgo that makes me happy /s

    >I'm over her
    >Literally the only thing that would make me happy, is if this girl I loved


    • Okay. maybe I'm not over her... but what can I do?

      I screwed things up so much and will never be with her :(

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    • Thats a really good question... It is a long story,

      I did ask her out at the beginning and she said maybe..

      Instead I should have asked if she had a boyfriend, she would have said yeah and I would have just been her friend or ignored her and moved on.

      But after she said maybe ( I thought it was a no) she was still flirty and actually asked me to hang out with her friends.

      So we went out, I saw her and her boyfriend and was hurt.

      So I stopped talking to her, but she kept trying to reach out, call, text, and even started complaining about her boyfriend..

      At this point I should have told her how I felt, or ignored her...

      but I was stupid and started talking as friends again, but feelings came back and I couldn't handle it so I stopped talking again.

      Now we both ignore each other, and I tried talking about tge tension but she didn't want to talk.

    • I screwed up by not being direct with her... and if I had stayed her friend, mayne maybe I would have had a chance with her because she is single now.

      The whole situation is just messy, I love her, I want her, but I deserve better and she probably doesn't like me.

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