She got in touch after 6 weeks, does she still want a relationship? Is it safe to respond?

We were dating and I sense that she probably wants a relationship but I didn't want it with her. I slowly reduce the contact until a point she asked to hang out and I told her I can't without counter offer. She responded well to that and I haven't heard from her since.

She didn't ask me where things are going or why am I being cold and such, all she said was "no problem, speak soon :)" Haven't heard from her in 6 weeks.

Is she trying to date me again?


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  • What makes you think she wants a relationship with you? from the things you described she didn't sound interested in you enough to care

    • May be she was only interested in my money

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  • I think that she got the message and is hurting but is being polite and respectful about it. I had a very similar situation happen to me rather recently. I think she's just trying to give you space since your actions seem like you're asking for it. She's probably given up on you. Because from her point of view, you aren't interested in her and are politely pulling away, so she's respecting that decision and isn't contacting you anymore. She might still like you, she's only acting this way because she thinks that you aren't interested in her. So she decided to not bug you anymore.

    • That's graceful if that's the case. Why is she contacting me now?

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    • So to avoid being in relationship with her is best not to respond?

    • Basically yeah. That'd be the way to go

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