Does this girl like me?

So I'm asking this question because I'm really curious and I also have a crush on this girl that I can't stop thinking about. I have a class outside of school that I attend once a week and she's my classmate, we sometimes talk in class, share notes and joke around with each other but I don't know much about her other than her being my classmate and knowing her name. We're assigned groups in class.. it's me, her and five other people, and I thought that we'd become friends overtime. One day in our regular school, we passed by each other in the hallway and exchanged glances but we never said a anything to one another outside of class. I would've said "Hi" to her but I'm scared she would just ignore me, I also saw her at the store last week and we glanced each other but we both ignored each other, A week later, I attended my class outside of school and she said "Hey I didn't know you go to my school, I saw you around" and then I said "oh yeah me too, I didn't know we go to the same school" I obviously was lying because I didn't want her to know that I'm noticing her, I also wasn't expecting her to say anything to me when we were in class so yeah.. I'm curious to know if she likes me anyone have any advice?


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  • Well... From the looks of it, you're still early in the stage of... Well, anything really. It's hard to tell if she likes you or not, but I'm thinking that maybe she does. She could just be the shy type. It might not be that she's ignoring you, but is too shy to approach you. That's the problem that a lot of girls have. She's probably trying to see how you react and is waiting for you to approach her. Because it seems like she does well in a group setting, but loses confidence outside of that. She's most likely shy and into you. Most girls will "ignore" their crush... We don't want to get caught checking them out, because that's extremely embarrassing!! I've done the same types of things myself in the past. She also doesn't want to seem like a stalker. So she's playing it cool and trying to casually talk to you. She's probably really nervous about all of this, so when you approach her, try to have something prepared to say. And try to calm her down. Even if she doesn't seem like she's nervous on the outside, she could be freaking out on the inside! So my advice to you is to approach her when she doesn't look busy, and is alone. And start some chit chat with her. Maybe start snacking on some trail mix and offer her some, because there's got to be something that she likes in the mix. And most importantly, try to be really funny! That'll calm her nerves (and yours) super fast! And will enforce a bond. It's still early, so being friendly is a good start, but make sure to flirt once in a while. You don't want to get stuck in the friend zone. You probably won't be because she seems into you, but still! You can never quite know! If you don't know what to do about flirting, start small, compliments will be good. Well, good luck to you! I honestly think that she likes you, so go for it! And good luck buddy! :)

    • Wow great answer! oh my gawd.. I can't stop smiling rn.. I'll honestly do EVERYTHING you just said.. :D thnx!!!

    • Haha thanks!! I'm so glad I made you happy! ☺️☺️ Tell me how it goes! 🤗👍🏼

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  • If she really liked you she'd talk to you every chance she got she'd try and touch you... but I don't know keep talking to her and ask her to hang out

  • first of all i dont think she was ignoring you i think she was just shy and next time you should smile or say hi you know give her the confidence to talk and be around you.
    if she like you thats tough to say cus u say that you yourself dont really know anything about her accept for her name school and your class that u guys take together
    i dont see a reason for her not to like you but for sure she needs to get to know you better and you to
    maybe ask her to hang out or something then u guys can get to know eachother


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