Let's find out why I'm still single, together?

Hi GaG, I want to try something.

Instead of me asking the question, I want anyone to ask me anything related to dates/dating/romance/love etc. and you can judge my answers, whether they're worthy of someone derserving of a girlfriend or not.

I could potentially be revealing myself on here more than I would like, but I look forward to it.

Let's do this! Thanks in advance :)


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  • Are you persistent in finding a girlfriend or given up on dating?

    Have you created new opportunities for yourself, so there's more of a chance to meet new people?

    • I've been a little more persistent recently, caught up with some people from highschool that I never really talked to haha

    • Wasn't a date, though..
      So, I'm not sure how to actually ask her to go on one and if I did, I'm almost certain I'd be friendzoned :P

Most Helpful Guy

  • Do you meet at least two new single girls per month?

    Do people tell you you're too picky/unrealistic?

    Do people sometimes tell you a girl was into you while you had no clue?

    Do you suspect you sometimes screw up conversations with girls who seemed interested initially?

    Do you go to parties/bars/clubs/concerts?

    • Not often, and if so, not on purpose.


      That occurred often in highschool, not so much now.

      Two weeks ago I felt that!

      Parties and concerts yes, not clubs. I'd rather not tap into the mutants over there.. πŸ˜‰

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  • You don't need a relationship. Relationships aren't guaranteed to last forever either way. Just be grateful that you're still alive and kicking. There are many other people that are chronically single, you're not the only one. The thing is, if you're not 100% completely happy with yourself or about yourself, no one else can provide that happiness for you or "complete" you, and even if they could it would only be temporary but the relationship will eventually have problems and then you'll end up breaking up and things would become even worse than how you are feeling now.

    In other words, Only You COMPLETE You. "Other people don't complete us. Only You complete You.

    I know many of us have heard this before and that, in theory, we believe that it is true. But the trouble is we don't do anything about this truth!

    We keep repeating the same pattern over and over again–looking for love, for completion, for a sense of inner peace by acquiring things (especially people) outside of us.

    Unfortunately nothing on the outside can ultimately change the way you feel on the inside."

    Source: www.mindbodygreen.com/.../...-are-telling-you.html


    • That is a great point. I guess I just enjoy having someone close (who aren't immediate family) who loves me and wants to be around me as much as I do with them. But, very good video πŸ‘

  • Do you try to become friends with your crushes before asking them out?

  • Do you grab them by the pussy?

  • Are you self-sacrificing?

  • Are you an alpha male?

    • If you could define it further, I could give you a more accurate answer, but I don't think so haha πŸ˜…

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