You tell him to figure out if he is ready before you go any further in the relationship. Then u see him take another lady home how do you react?

It was my idea cause he said he needed to go slow. He said he was messed up from his ex that left him for someone else. I said I don't want to be the backup girl if it doesn't work out. And I don't want to be hurt if there is something holding him back. He replied that he really liked me and he didn't want me hurt either. He said he would figure it out soon. Later the next day I said let's hang out in the mountains I enjoy hanging out with you. We can still do that sort of thing. He was advancing on me I tried to avoid going there but then I let him he was caught up the energy was amazing I felt like he had to have me right then. We had our kids with us but he was always holding me. He gave me a passionate kuss goodbye in my kitchen that was nearly making love. I didn't want to text or anything wanted to wait to hear back. I sent a misdirected text meant for my mom. It said he sang to me and it was really sweet and he can really sing! Well I sent an oops I was sending that to my mom. He said no worries and it wasn't his best but thanks. I said I gotta see u do kareoke. Then he says finishing my workout call u soon. That was Monday no call Tuesday I unfriended him Wednesday because I had a horrible pain Tuesday night in my abdomen and he didn't call me still. I saw all the hot girls on his Facebook and I was in pain feeling like I wanted him close but it was too soon to ask. I opened his Facebook saw them felt worse. I told him in a text I would b unfriending him I thought it was best so I don't blow up his news feed. And stuff. Then I blocked him since he didn't reply to the text. Next I saw him with this older blond trying to look like she is 20 with a fake tan and old face dancing like a whore. They were having fun with each other obviously but he says he is jealous and women disrespect him and bring it out of him. And then he left with her!!!


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  • If you did that to me, I would think you were not interested/breaking up with me and I would move on.

    That being said, if I told you I would call you right back after my work out, I would call you right back.


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  • I would personally be a bit bummed out if I had feelings for him. Though you could of sent him a message instead of just waiting for him or texting him that you were unfriending him because of whatever reason.

    He is obviously just doing what his always doing. I wouldn't be surprised if there were other women he was seeing. But then again the both of you know you're not with each other. So I would just let it be. I would cut contact if it hurts for you to see what his been up to

    Good chance he would message you down the road telling you how much he misses you and what not.

    • I left my tv antenna at his house. I wasn't worried about getting it back. I had his kids clothes in my car from the trip to the mountains and his. His cooler and his cloth for cleaning his expensive glasses. I told him when he left with her in a text I want my antenna back he said ok. Then I said looks like you had a successful hunting trip. Then I said looks like you figured things out.
      I have some of your stuff too just don't bring that whore with you to drop off my antenna and get your things cause I don't deserve that.

    • That sounds fine. If things were happening with him and another girl he should of told you. Tsk tsk 😒