Is it okay that my boyfriend thinks less of me over my past?

So much boyfriend and I were speaking about our past relationship and how many partners we've had. My number is significantly lower than his (half of his). He seems to think that since women can get laid easier that the more people we sleep with the sluttier we are and it's okay if a man's number is high. I don't have a problem with his number but he seems to have a problem with mine. After we told each other he said the he thinks less of me now. He needed the night to 'think things over'. After this fight it was never brought up again or mentioned at all and things have been perfect between us. It bothers me a bit that he said he thinks 'less of me'. But he hasn't said anything again... am I just worrying too much? Should we forgive and forget?


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  • To me, he looks like chauvinistic jerk.


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  • agree with goldfinch and I wouldn't stay with a guy who thinks less of me
    double standards are sht

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