Should I send this girl this message?

I'm kind of on the fence about it. I'm betting you can guess the situation from the message:

I kind of got the feeling that you didn't really want to talk to me at homecoming last night. I get it, I've asked you out twice, and that makes things weird. I don't want to not be your friend, though. You not wanting to go out with me is disappointing, but I'd be even more sad if you didn't want to be my friend because of it. Whether it's because I'm not that good looking, : ) or it's my personality, or you just don't want a boyfriend right now, it's okay. I get it. But I should add, that if it is because you don't want a boyfriend, then you should know that your are a smart, sweet, incredibly beautiful girl, and when you decide you do want a boyfriend, you'll be fighting guys off with a stick. :)


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  • It seems she doesn't even want to be your friend anyways. She could have said Hi a tleast which she didn't.
    Move on from her. She might even share a lugh with someone with your message and then it will get around town.


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  • 0) TALK ABOUT THIS IN PERSON. Unless you're never gonna see her again.

    1) long thought out texts like this are never as good as just sending stuff that you naturally think of in the moment

    2) I'm not trying to say that you should play hard to get or something, but don't tell a girl you're essentially weakened because they won't go out with you.
    On that note, don't give her all those compliments over text, they'd mean A LOT more in person, when it comes naturally.

    Don't do it OP.


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  • you seem very sweet but i wouldn't sent it. ignore her. if she's turned you down she isn't worth your time, and watch... as soon as you stop paying so much attention to her she's gunna want you. trust me

  • I would take the smiley faces out, and the entire last sentence. Other than that, I think it's alright.
    Sorry about your situation though :/

  • I honestly wouldn't send it.

  • Don't send it.


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