I don't get it? I see him with females all the time, going out to parties and shows, yet he keeps asking me out & saying he can't stop thinking of me?

There's actually a few guys in there mid 20's who are doing this... I have them as friends on Facebook or snapchat, and I see online they take and post photos with other girls here and there and comment on their stuff or like it, whatever, and so I think they must not think of me at all (because I'm rather anti social and we could go days or weeks without talking) but then they will talk to me as if we've been talking a lot, saying they keep thinking of me, they keep asking me out every single weekend or week day, they spark up convos with me, etc... and I don't get it? If they are with all these other girls and go out so often, why are they chasing my tail if I am like really quiet on my end? I only update my profile pic once a month or so, I know I am attractive but many of these girls are cute too... I dont get why they keep asking me out or how I can constantly be on their minds if we haven't met in person much or ever. They aren't player dudes either, many are respectable cool guys.


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  • What's not to get. They Iike you and have other friends to hang out with but they like you.

    • But why don't they just be with these other girls

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    • Lol, sorry :b you're riight. It just makes me nervous lol

    • thanks for MHOđź’ź I hope you open up to him and embrace his attraction to you.

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  • Perhaps Not 'Player Dudes,' but Ones, hun, who do Not... Want a Real Relationship and just Enjoy Being a Boy who is Free as a Bird.
    Don't overthink this. Go with the Flow with any Joe. You sound like you a have this Great judge of Character and to me You are real 'Cool."
    Good luck. xx

    • Thanks (:
      I have told all of them I am not that type and only want something real, so they are well aware they won't be getting anything easy with me... Im not one who goes out with just any guy so to me it's a bigger deal I suppose

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    • Thanks (':

    • :)) xxoo welcome.

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