Until what point can you date two people at the same time?

One guy wants a casual relationship with no strings because he lives abroad (he's invited me on some weekend trips in Europe). The other guy lives in my country and is boyfriend material. He's a lovely guy who I can imagine being happy with. I don't want to wait around for this guy to decide when he wants to date me for real (at the moment we're just friends but he suggested he might want more when he's less busy) when I could be having some fun with the other guy. Help!!!


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  • Ok here's how things work. If I meet a woman that instantly triggers That part of my brain I wouldn't care if I had every single day filled with work from 8 am to 8pm. I would FIND the time for her and definitely so if she feels the same way.

    You don't want to wait nor should you!! Time's a wasting!!

    • Well put. I guess I'm just thinking what if what if! I guess I just didn't want to book a trip with my casual guy and then have the nice guy tur. Round and ask me on a date. Then I'd feel bad going away with the other one! What do you suggest? I do feel like I'm missing out on some fun with the casual guy. I know the nice guy would be better for me as a boyfriend but I can't stop thinking about the opportunity I'm missing with the other one. Uh. I've never been in this situation before- can you tell?

    • I don't understand your logic. What do you mean "some other guy would Suit you better" as a boyfriend? You are still thinking in "what if"s. If one or the other guy Suited you better as a boyfriend then we wouldn't need to talk about it in the first place.

      You're missing out on bungee jumping half-way across the world right at this moment.

      From what I can tell you have trouble making decisions. You need to more conscious of what you want to do. If I was one or the other guy I just couldn't help but turn my back on you , altogether.

      Right now I feel like you're some type of commodity on an auction waiting for the highest bidder.

    • I am indecisive you're right. I think it's because I've never been in this situation before so am not sure on the etiquette. Basically your opinion is that I should just treat the situation as it is and not overthink it?

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  • It's kind of shades of gray... as you move down the scale, you use your better judgment. I would stop seeing the second guy a couple weeks before becoming exclusive... just out of respect. It shows that you are sincere about him, and him alone.


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  • You can date multiple people until you make a promise of exclusivity to one of them, or until you feel you must hide one gut from the other guy.

  • Until you mention exclusivity with one of them.


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