Are Indian girls inter marrying and dating more than before?

pretty sure almost all of you on here, know at least one indian girl, white guy couple or indian girl interracial couple in general. They seem to be doing it more than the men and maybe more than other Asian girls? that's just my observation I don't know, quite a number of indian men are with white and other women these days as well.


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  • yeah I think so

    One of the guy I know is with a Puerto African
    They are married and the wife is beautiful looking


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  • Haven't noticed it. But it is way more social acceptable nowadays with any race havin interratic couples. With black and whites it was never happening and families woukd disown their children i remember there was a movie I think in the 50s or 60s where a white girl brought home her boyfriend who was black and it the fact ily was not find of it.


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