Maybe I came on too strong but I really liked this girl?

i first meet her and rate away I though she'd be really fun to date and great in bed , she just seemed like someone who I'd really enjoy dating. but i first meet her at a bar than i ran into her at another bar , the first time i meet her she was wearing really revealing clothes and maybe she though that was only reason i talked to her. then i ran into her at another bar about a month later and talked to her again but things were weird.
I've had a poor feeling for if she was interested in me on the same level i was her? i just really liked her, I'm not sure what to say if i see her at the bar again? I'm just really into this girl from the bar and frustrated with where things are


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  • Do you really like her, based on how fun she could be and how great she would be in bed? Or do you genuinely like her, for her?

    If that's the case, I would just tell her "I don't want you to get a wrong idea, but i think you're a really nice girl, and i'd like to get to know you more better, would you like to go bar hopping with me sometime?"

    • Well thinking she's really fun and being great in bed is kinda like liking her for her.

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    • Argh well you just got to wait it out now. Whenever she comes down to see her friend, take the opportunity and ask her to go out

    • Thank you

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