I know he has feelings for me but is he using me?

I'm dating a younger guy. I know he cares for me and I care for him too. He's always very caring and supportive. He gives tons of complements and is very affectionate and open with how he feels about me. I have no doubts that he has feelings for me but.. since I'm older (8 years) and more experience when it comes to life, we go to places and explore things he says has never before.
Although he appreciates what I'm doing for him (his words) I wonder if perhaps he's using me to educate himself about the finer things in life.
I have seen movies when the younger person uses the older partner as a sort of a teacher/ guide through life and worried that he might see me this way.
How would I know that that's the case here? When I asked him point blank, he obviously denied it and said that he could watch a paint dry with dry with me and be in heaven.
Do I have a reason to worry? I would hate to be treated like a teacher because the teacher gets dumped once the students feels he's done with the education.
Anyone has any experience/ thoughts on this?
Thanks in advance for your opinions.


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  • If you're both happy then why worry and self sabotage


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  • No, you don't have to worry about anything, because this situation of being used also could happen to you if you were dating an older man, for example.
    When persons don't have any good character, no matter their ages, they'll use us.