Why didn't he reply to this message?

There's a guy I have recently started to like who I haven't seen in 13 years but have had him as a Facebook friend.

We have been messaging each other the past few weeks every day. 2 days ago he asked if I thought we were compatible I said "I have no idea" (which is true). He hasn't replied since.

Why hasn't he replied?
What should I do now - Message him or wait?


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  • It could be that he's disappointed,
    Or he likes you and thought you were on the same page but your answer says otherwise so he's backing off.
    It was 2 days ago? Then you can Send him a text..

    • What should I say lol

  • If you'd like to talk to him, you should message him. I bet you he just wasn't sure how to go about starting a new topic with you after that conversation

    • what should I say if I message him?

    • Just start the conversation on a different topic. Whatever that may be