If he only wants sex, why does he still talk to me?

So I have a thing with a guy. We're kind of hooking, but I'm afraid I've started develop feelings for him, and I'm not sure if he only wants sex or if he may be interested in me, because he has said before that he don't want anything serious, but more like a friends with benefits thing. So we're texting all the time about almost everything, but we also do some sexting. So I got upset about something he did, and sent a really mean text to him and called him really bad things, it was a really stupid thing to do, and I overreacted and I regret it. So we were arguing, but it seems like no matter what I write to him, he doesn't get mad and never says anything mean back. We've had some fights before and we always finish the fights and stay friends. He still talks to me and almost always reply within a few minutes when I send him texts. Do you think he's interested? Would guys who only want sex text the girl all the time and accept her drama?


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  • Listen,

    If you start a purely sexual relationship, it is RARE that it will flower into anything more, especially if he shows no emotional investment from the beginning and no concern at the prospect of you two arguing and splitting.

    Based on your response, I'm going to say he isn't interested. He isn't stirred by the drama because he doesn't care what happens: he's not invested, so why would he be offended if his (pardon mon francais) pussy throws a fit? It's just a hookup, not a relationship, if things go sour it's "Oh well, onto the next."


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  • Hmm it's hard to tell, but I think that yes, he's only interested in the arc for the most part. But, it does seem like he might be developing feelings for you! It's hard to tell though... If you could give a bit of context of the kind of things that he says etc I might be able to tell better. Are you guys close at all? When you meet up do you do anything other than sex? Like cuddle and watch a movie or something?

  • Yeah he will accept your drama because he doesn't give a shit what you have to tell him. The fact that he doesn't get mad says all. He doesn't care what you have to say to him. If you like him more than friends with benefits, the more you calling him names, dramatic, fighting, the less him respecting you considering you as a girlfriend material. Remember this and think before yell at him.

    And he still keeps up with you because he needs that sex.

    He made it clear he doesn't want a girlfriend he just down for friends with benefits. And he hasn't changed his words ever since so that's what you guys at.

    It's going to cost you a lot more at the end if you continue this relationship because you already started developing feelings for him...

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