He just talks about himself a lot and hardly asks questions about me?

I just started seeing this guy and while we do have good convos, I am finding its mostly about his stories about his life and he doesn't ask too many questions about me unless I offer up information. Also, I know this seems small but I haven't had one compliment from him - like oh you look nice, or I love your eyes. It's really weird - guys I date usually do at least to some degree and I am NOT expecting it all the time but once in a while esp if I took the time to look nice for him. So anyways, I'd like to bring this up since it bothers me - him not asking me a lot of questions or just move on?


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  • Its his personality. he's perhaps an extrovert, the type that likes to talk and be audible. He probably is trying to make your date flow smooth without awkward silence. Sit back and listen. he's gonna be done then you'll get to talk about you too. Guys are different. Have you complimented him by the way?


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  • It basically means that he's not interested in dating and only in a friendship. If he was interested in dating you, he'd ask stuff about you all the time. I think that he only sees you as a valuable friend that he can rely on and trust. So, you're kinda friend zoned.

  • Don't feel bad about this. I give all my time and advice and no one barely asks about me. Selfish some.
    However, it could be just one's naughty nature that's a hard habit to break, even giving someone, who is probably most amazing like you even, a compliment to save his own life.
    Give this some time. Me may have other bad habits that need attending to. And if you like him enough, for you so far so seem to be accepting him with being unconditional, maybe you can both work it out.
    If not, then move on. He won't change any time soon.