Am I dateable or not?

Hi, I am 23 and am wondering if I am date-able or not.

Reasons Yes:
- I don't like drugs/drinking... maybe a drink once a while, and get wasted once a year but thats it.
- I think I am sweet, caring, I make girls go awwwwww
- I would buy my girl things, flowers, go out, buy her food,
- I would want to cuddle and watch Pixar movies with her
- I would listen to her, be there for her
- I would like to do romantic things with her like go for walks, dinners, maybe I'm just a hopeless romantic?
- I am 6 foot 2
- Always Honest
- Have stable job/income ( Good paying too)

I don't really know what else I can add here... That's about it... What do girls want?

Reasons No:
- 23lbs overweight (according to BMI, but I do have a bit of a belly)
- Inexperience ( Girls like experienced guys)
- Shy and Awkward
- It takes me a while to open up to someone
- It takes me a while to be funny with someone
- I hate my job, so I don't have pride in it
- Have no real hobbies or passions
- Lower Self esteem/confidence at times
- Girl broke my heart already ( Got freindzoned because I hid my feelings but learned a lot)
- I am serious about dating
- Feel so lonely and really want someone

So does that make me undateable? Or Do I still have a chance and finding a sweet nice girl who loves me for who I am?


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  • you're physical appearance matters... hygiene and grooming is all that matters. There are girl s out there with personality that corresponds to yours

    • Appearance wise I am decent, I do get some looks, dress well, look clean and I guess being tall with facial hair helps too. But i still can't make anything happen.

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  • What? You're completely fine! But before you look for a girl, you need to work on your self esteem! You need to love yourself and be one with yourself before you can ever hope to find someone who loves you. That's the unmentioned, invisible number one rule. It's the most important rule. Look at any relationship. They don't work out if there's any insecurities with themselves. It might somehow still be sticking together and chugging along, but that doesn't mean that it's a good relationship. Besides, you come before anyone else! :) Besides, confidence is sexy! You need to come to the conclusion that you don't care too deeply about what people think. Once you become so strong like that, you will find people and people will find you. But first things first, love yourself for who you are :) explore the world a bit, find things that you like doing! Have fun! You hardly need to look, because people will be attracted to you and how interesting a person you are. :)

    • Okay thanks I will work on my self esteem and confidence and try to find a hobby.

      Just thinking about it, it was always good until that girl broke my heart. I'm constantly thinking of her, she's better than me, I am no good, I am stupid for even trying, and then I feel even worse because how much I let her effect me... I think she may have taken a lot of my confidence and self esteem.

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    • I feel like girls don't want an amazing, emotional, caring guy. I feel like they just want the "bad boy".

    • Not at all! Everyone has their preferences, because everyone's different. I actually don't really like bad boys, I like the sweet ones.

  • You don't sound "undatable"β€”I will say this, though. After all the guys with low self esteem I've dated, I don't really want to do it anymore. I want my partner to take care of himself so I can live my own life.

    And you deserve likewise from your partner.

    • Can you explain more into why you don't like guys with low self esteem? What happened, were they clingy?

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    • You'll be okay... I was just are my personal experience.

      Trying to abstain from contacting a person too much doesn't fix clinginess... it's the attitude... do you have your own life? Is she your other half, or a part of your life you enjoy? Do you need her or want her?

      I went into a few relationships feeling needed... it made it hard...

    • I see how feeling needed vs being wanted can make a difference. Something to think about.

  • No you still have a chance... being romantic is fine... provided you accept that not every single girl you like may want to date you back...😊

    • It feels like "every single girl does not want to date me"

      I don't know what I am doing wrong. I figure some girl out there would see something good in me and date me. I am feeling like there is something wrong with my DNA or something.

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    • Okay I will try :)

    • Good...:)

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