Girls, if you see a guy who you like and he has an athletic body type, is it a big advantage if he is ripped or not?

In a nutshell you have a nice guy with the body type you like, imagine the body with six pack and ripped muscles (magazine cover type) and the same body, still muscly and good but not ripped and no six pack (just normal flat stomach, Gerard Butler style body I guess) .
Does the ripped body have any serious advantage over the non ripped version? Would the ripped one exctite you more in any kind of sexual way? Or would you feel the need to touch it more than the other one?

  • Yes, the ripped body excites me more in a sexual way
  • It's not a big difference and not a big deal since the body is still nice and muscular, ripped doesn't bring much benefits
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What Girls Said 1

  • Personally, I find it cute when guys do not have abs like "look I am soooo athletic" . I like it even more when they are a little chubby. So cute.


What Guys Said 1

  • depends on what the woman wants, her end goal.

    obviously, type 1 is visually stimulating to most, but when wrapped with a pretentious douche, loses its immediate appeal and is only seen as a good fuck, perhaps. or just eye candy.