What are some dating tips?

Within the last 4 days, a guy I went to high school with and I have gotten really close. We've spent like 12 hours together (not all at once) and have talked about how we make each other happy. but I don't want to mess anything up. What are some dating tips to make sure we don't rush anything and that I don't make him leave me. Also what are the steps to getting into a relationship and what are somethings you guys like to know about the other person before you get in a relationship with them?


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  • Don't rush into having sex. As long as you are otherwise having fun with a guy, you don't need to jump into bed to keep his attention. Assuming that you have the feelings, be affectionate. Hold his hand. If you are walking somewhere, holding his arm is a flattering gesture for a girl to do. Give him passionate kisses and tell him that you hope he doesn't want to rush into anything physical too quickly.

    Ask him questions about his interests and then do a little bit of quick research to learn some of the basics on those subjects. Stay in the here and now in your discussions; don't talk about how many children you want to have or the names you have already selected for them. Don't walk about meeting each other's families.

    It is better to have several shorter dates than one or two very long dates. Don't expect to see him every day. When a couple first gets together, they may see each other once a week. You may be anxious to see him more often, but relationships that begin intensely tend to burn out quickly.


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  • Don't be overly attached to him and allow him some personal time.


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  • just look forward to having fun and don't hardcore follow any "dating rules" except the obvious ones like not double dipping the fucking chip and farting and sniffing it afterwards in a wine class.

    • When will I know I'm ready to get in a relationship with him?

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    • kinda depends on you both. if you really like each other and hit things off so well you could both agree to entering a relationship early, like within a month or two. but if it doesn't feel right, don't try and force it, just go with the flow.

    • @BerkMacklinFBI thanks!

  • Haha if you collect some good ones share them... as an eternally singly guy I can learn something :o :D


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