He took 24hrs to text me back?

What is this?

we had our third date the other day.
When he walked me out he told me to text him.

so I got home, the next day I sent him a text saying it was so nice spending time with him and I like our cuddle sexy time.

he read my text but ignored. he's never been a big texter and I know we had fun that night so I let it be. Then the following night, he texted me back ':D didn't see your text (well he DID) and yeah it was nice'

what is up with guys texting girls 24 hrs later? Is he giving me a hint that he's not that interested?

another thing is that when we hanging out there were two guy friends texted/called me and he saw their names on my screen. He didn't ask me who they were but could it be that he's distancing himself thinking I'm dating other guys? I told him I'm not dating anyone else though..

guys do you ever wait 24hrs to respond a girl you like/date?
why would you take THAT long to text her back?
like he could have just ignored the text since it's already past 24hrs.. I just don't get this.


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What Guys Said 2

  • he's probably following some dumb ass rules his friends swore by

  • it could be one of many things in my opinion either he is trying to distance himself or he might may not be as enthusiastic about the situation as you are. Hopefully its none of these and there's another reason behind it...


What Girls Said 1

  • He either fell asleep or he is playing hard to get.