Girls look at me... do I look cute?

I am a guy. I have a descent-gentleman-mature-executive look. I have good height and weight, broad chest, good smile, posture etc. I am often identified as someone with good personality.
But my minus points are that I don't have a great hairstyle (curly short hair) and have a little dark complexion. I am just opening myself up here. Maybe I sound silly to you.
I often find girls looking at me in wherever I go. But I don't think i am such a tom-cruise to have a lot of girls to be interested in me.
Some at school had indirectly expressed their interest in me through their friends. One person used to make excuses to touch my arm when sitting next to her. Now at college I catch the eyes of many girls. There is a girl i like in class who is all smiles around me (whom i myself have seen to be looking at me a lot), another really cute one (who my friends see looking at me, since they are looking at her most of the time) and a few others who happen to be looking at me whenever i look to their side. Some of them are really cute, who have a lot of guys after. This makes me uncomfortable. I get along okay with girls. They usually show a positive welcoming surprised response when i approach them. I used to blush a bit once.
I just don't understand why they should be interested in me in the first place (even if they are) when there are a lot of other guys who looks better than me. Do girls see guys differently than what i think? Doesn't my minus points matter to them at all? Whenever i think "maybe this girl likes me", this guy's picture comes to my mind and then i wonder why in the world would she be interested in me at all.

I want to know how i am to others around me. Or are they looking at me because i look funny? Or do they see me as someone who can be a good FRIEND?
Due to this confusion, i haven't got the guts to propose or ask a girl out for a date. Please help me. Thanks.
P. S : Sorry about my English. I am not that good at it ☺


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  • Lol you literally just said you have good everything that a guy could have except your hair... then change your hair...

    • No I didn't mean that... i consider myself as someone of maybe average look. But then I get all these glances from everywhere that confuses me and makes me uncomfortable

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    • Thanks for your opinion anyway 👍

    • Welcome && good luck

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  • dude if chicks are checking you out then you got the looks! what us guys think is good looking is not necessarily in line with chicks.

    • Thanks bro... hope you are right

    • i am a fuckslut (or so i am told, i dont agree) i know.
      remember this:
      if you can turn their heads you can get in their beds.

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  • Unless, you are over reading everything, then you are attractive.

    • I don't know man... but i don't honestly want to think i am anything unless i become 100% sure about it.
      Thanks for your opinion

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