Can guys develop huge crushes on girls they've never met, but only see online?

I have a HUGE crush on a guy that I've never met in person officially, but we've talked for hours and hours overnight a few times over the last couple months, and we like each other's posts and he comments on mine sometimes. we haven't spoken for a good month except silent Facebook likes or seeing each other's photos or posts... I've noticed a ton of guys in my past have acted like they liked me a lot when I hardly spoke to them... and I'm just wondering if he could be thinking of me as much as I am of him, and if in geneneral, if guys can develop feelings or crushes for females by just being friends on Facebook with small interactions and viewing each other's activity.

  • Yes, very possible (happens a lot)
  • Yes, but not strong or not much
  • No, only in person interactions they can develop crushes
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  • I'll be honest with you, although it is very possible to develop a crush on someone you've never met, can't say I consider healthy to stay in that stage where you
    Only talk online once a week, I've been through that before, and it didn't do me any good, maybe it's difficult to make friends in real life, Facebook or any social media can help you to take the first steps towards meeting people, but don't linger there too long... Hope that helped

    • I don't want to linger but it seems like he is shy to meet?

    • True he might be shy, maybe ask him to help you with something, that way it's not gonna be like a date, I ve been asked to paint walls and change lightbulbs so many times hahaha cause I'm really shy too, so from experience I can tell it works

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  • I reckon it can happen a lot

  • Maybe some nerds, losers and so on. Most normal guys need to at least see a girl in person in order to have a crush


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