Why would a guy do this?

So I went on my first and last (haha) "date" with this guy. He just wanted to go back to his place and I said ok. Well as you are guessing he just wanted to have sex as I should have seen coming. So it went pretty far like almost all the way but when it came to actual sex I just couldn't do it. I am a virgin (he didn't know beforehand) and honestly didn't trust him yet. I just met him not too long ago lol. Then he told me to leave. He said oh we will meet up again blah blah and I was like whatever lol. I said to myself I would not contact him until he contacted me. About three days later he followed me on snapchat and sent a pic of himself saying hi to me and I sent one back and then he unfollowed me. Obviously he is a jerk but why would a guy do this lol?


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  • You seriously need to ask? Did your mom or dad not warn you about most men? I'm forty now but from about nineteen until twenty-three I was after only one thing. You did the right thing. Make the dude earn it. No matter what Pop culture TV and magazines tell you, your feminity has tremendous worth and you shouldn't waste it just to feel like you belong to a group of sluts. There is nothing wrong with sluts, they just make their choices and have to live with them. I'll say again, I was not a nice man. Not mean but a bit of an a-hole. As a husband and father I now see the virtue of and the biological aspects of sex. It belongs to you, the woman. You own this awesome power of restraint for the most meaningful interaction between the sexes or an eventful moment of regret and consequences. Or you can use it as a play thing (not recommended) There are good men out there but also very smooth talking salesmen who value your body as much as a chicken dinner. Sorry to say I used to be somewhere in between. Get to know the guy, tell him maybe if, when you're ready. Waiting til marriage is hard but so worth it amongst the few I know who've waited. Big picture: the best sex you could ever have with the cutest guy is nothing but a memory when he's gone. That's not worth much especially when you lay dying at 90. A strong family built on years with a good man for a husband. Proper vetting is the key. Go out, have fun, have arguments, find out his weaknesses and his fears, meet his father, etc
    You did 100 percent good by buggin out of there. It's hard to find food ones but I assure you, they're out there. Of my old group, myself and two others were pricks towards women. Three of them were good boys. You just can't tell in a few days time. I'd say the bad stuff should expose itself within about ten dates unless he's a real psycho. Just tell the next one that your dad will pull his throat out through his butt if he mistreats you. People think that's a joke. It could happen😎


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  • Just one rule of dating, come back to my place = sex

    Doesn't matter, whether they're a guy or a woman, it's pretty universal.

    I think this is normal behavior, doesn't make it right, nor him not an idiot but it's pretty standard.

    Him kicking you out, that's ridiculous, but I guess he was mad at the mixed signals you sent him, chalk this down to experience.

    Put your safety first, never go back to someone else's house unless you know then with and trust then anyway.

    Hope you meet someone decent soon.

    • I think. its funny

      Her: "I'm not ready for this, it's my first time... I'm sorry can't do this, I hope you understand-"
      Him: "You need to leave... NOW!"

      Who does that? xD

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  • How did you meet him in the first place? And simply a lot of guys are just willing to do whatever they can to get laid. It's unfortunate but it's just how she goes.

    • I met him through a friend. Of course when I first met him he was super nice...

    • Oh I definitely thought you were going to say Tinder haha. He probably was just looking for a girl who would put out, and unfortunately there are a lot of guys like that. All you can really do is take note of what he did and if you see another guy doing the same thing, get the hell out of there haha. Don't let this experience ruin it for the good guys though!

  • The bigger question is why would you send a picture back to a guy that did that?

    • True. Very stupid

    • Yup!

      Hahaha. Well, good job sticking to your guns, and you're better off. Chalk it up to a learning opportunity and don't go back to a guy's place, ESPECIALLY on a first date.

  • Because his main intention was to get in your panties and since you declined it, he's got no further reason to wanna stick around you. He decided to play a prank to mess with your emotions to get some sort of satisfaction of rejection


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  • He wanted to get a reaction from you.

  • sounds like he was just trying to get in your pants. he might have added you on snapchat to see your reaction, to see if you changed your mind about sex or something.