Can you still love someone if you continuously lie to them?

I've met my boyfriend at college and I've found out he's been lying about A LOT of things & he claims he loves me so much. One big lie he told me was that he was single. I did some snooping and found out he might still be with his "ex" girlfriend. Over the summer he went on a trip with her family and she was there. I think that's a dead giveaway right?
He's sweet most times and other times he acts cold. And he started giving me mixed signals again.
I really love this guy but I feel like I've been played.


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  • yes? Though the line between love and lust would probably get a bit blurry.
    You're in what sounds like an abusive/toxic relationship.


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  • He just sounds like a piece of garbage. If he's with his ex (meaning... NOT his ex... his GIRLFRIEND) then he's cheating on her with you. What sort of "relationship" do you think you're in?

  • Yes, but it means your mentally defective.


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